Web 2.0 Tools

Google: Email and Google Documents
AuthorSTREAM: A place to upload Power Point presentations and embed on wiki or blog
ToonDoo: Create comic strips and embed on wiki or blog
Kerpoof: Create animated stories (not embeddable)
Sploder: Create embeddable games
Glogster: Online scrapbook program (embeddable)
Drop Files: A place to store files for school and home
TileStack: Tell stories using stacks and embed on wiki or blog
Video Blog: A place to store and view our videos
Produle: A place to design, create and share flash applicaitons
Scrapblog: A scrapbook program (embeddable)
99 Polls: Create online polls
Poll Daddy: Create online polls
280 Slides: A place to create or edit Power Point presentations online
Getting Tricky with Wikis: Ideas for spicing up your wiki
Mr. Mendell's Wiki: Great for wiki ideas
Bubbl.Us: Create mind maps online and publish to wiki or blog
Xtimeline: An online timeline program (embeddable)
Adobe Photoshop Online: Edit and publish pictures with this photoshop program
Animoto: Create videos from pictures
Sumo Paint: Change pictures using paint or choose from their pictures
Pikikids: A cool comic strip creator
Zoeybot: like wikipedia and google for kids
Tunesbag: A place to upload music to use in projects
Bitstrips: A comic strip program (globalgorilla)
Newspaper Clippings: Create newspaper clippings

Cool Tools for Schools
Complete Web 2.0 Directory

Wigflip - Some cool applications for changing your pictures or creating new pictures. Ex: Create scrolling text, stickie notes, motivational posters, price tags, and more and save them as pictures on your computer.
Dumpr - Photo editing program
BigHugeLabs - Create magazine covers and more for lit circle projects
Connected Classroom Image Page - Links to where you can find images and places you can edit images

Sumopaint - A paint and picture editing program

Toondoo - Comic Strip maker

Bitstrips - Comic Strip maker

Bubbl.us - An online brainstorming tool

Scribd - A place to store word documents (can be embedded)

Slideroll - Create slideshows from pictures

Tabblo - Scrapbook program

Pictobrowser - Uses Flickr to create slideshows (no password) - use Flickr username TechnoTigers

Animoto - Make cool slideshows from pictures

Photobucket - a place to store photos

Vuvox - Slideshow creator

Fliggo - Our video blog site