Our Class Election - 2007

Our class election began the first day of school.
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Phase One: The Primary
In the primary there were two parties: The Girl Party and The Boy Party Girls ran against girls in the Girl Party and boys ran against boys in the Boy Party. In this primary election, girls could only vote for girls and boys could only vote for boys. The winners were Paige and Robb, and they became our election candidates.
Phase Two: The Campaign
Students formed campaign committees and worked to get their candidate elected by making posters, speeches, and taking polls. This phase took months. An election board was formed. These students gave money to the campaign staffs and set prices for advertising (ex: $1,000 to hang a poster, $100,000 for a podcast commercial, $2,000 for campaign buttons, etc.) There was a debate and candidates went head to head answering tough questions from their classmates.


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Phase Three: Learning about the government
Students learned about the U.S. government, how it was formed and how it worked. (See our U.S. Constitution book.) Each student researched two states and created Power Point Presentations for their state. (See Student Wikispaces.) Finally, students learned about the electoral college. This is when they found out that the electoral votes for the states they researched would be their electoral votes in the coming election.
Phase Five: Election Day
In the morning of Election Day, November 6, 2007, students put the finishing touches on their campaign. The voting booths were erected and last minute speeches were made. In the afternoon, the class walked up to the high school to observe the election process in progress. Students sat quietly as community members came in to cast their vote. During lulls in the voting, the election board graciously explained their roles in the election and answered student questions. When we arrived back at school, the election began. Our election board tried to imitate the real election board as closely as possible.

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Finally, after a hard fought campaign with two worthy candidates a winner was announced.

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